Workshop: ” Tracking in Hospitals - knowledge sharing”

Face2Face networking with exchange of experience has been challenged the last couple of years – this workshop is a ReBoot!

Since our annual conference in 2013 we have every year followed up on the progress made in Danish hospitals over the years – both with technical as well as economical angles.

This year we are pleased to have Dr. Malcolm Phillips from Scotland as keynote speaker in plenum at 11:15 (see abstract here)

It is expected that everyone attending the workshop has attended the keynote.

            Organized by AIDC Denmark and:                   

First part: 13:50-14:50          Second part: 15:20-16:20

The workshop is moderated by Per Buchwaldt, Deloitte.

Dr Malcom Phillips will also join us in the workshop, where he would like to discuss a list of topics with representatives from hospitals in the Nordics;

  • How do you calculate ROI of implementing an RFID solution for locating medical equipment?
  • Can bulk equipment location data be used to optimise hospital operational processes? What data analysis and visualisation techniques are most beneficial?
  • What are the GDPR implications of tracking medical devices connected to patients?
  • With a fixed mounted RFID reader infrastructure with a combination of ceiling mounted (horizontal) and vertical antennas, what is the optimal mounting location for RFID tags on assets? – or should we be using more than one label?

In addition to these topics, we have other interesting candidates for discussions;

  • A “tagging strategy” for combination of AIDC technologies. Why and how multiple AIDC technologies should be combined to cover a broad spectra of use cases and user types. QR codes, visual ID, RFID, BLE, WIFI, LORA and more could all be relevant to include. How to approach this?
  • Traceability granularity – what is good enough and how much investment in infrastructure can be cost justified?

To kick off the discussions, the Workshop will be based upon a number of short presentations with status, overview and significant projects from each of the Nordic countries present.

The Workshop is open for all attendees. Maybe you can contribute with your insights, but for sure you can learn a lot from participating. It will be a workshop – and we hope the attendees will be very active in the discussions.

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