Plenum Presentations at RFID & IoT in the Nordics 2023

Welcome to the 11’th annual Conference by IT University and AIDC Denmark.

Introduction to the Main Theme for this year’s Conference, ”Supply chain sustainability and transparency”, and the Agenda for the day.

Even organisations not today focused on Supply Chain sustainability and transparency, need to pay attention to this important area in the future.
To answer the WHY question and outlining future demands for Supply Chain sustainability and transparency, we are kicking off our Conference with at presentation from the EU Commision.
The EU is putting a lot of effort in the new EU Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) incl. Digital Product Passports, with an increased demand for supply chain sustainability documentation.
Learn about future regulation as well as how and when you can expect them to be implemented in your business.
Presented by Michele Galatola, the EU Commission

Join us for an informative and inspiring presentation as we delve into Novo Nordisk’s forward-thinking approach to supply chain sustainability and transparency.

With a focus on patients and the planet, this fast-growing pharma company is setting the bar high for the industry, and leading the way towards a more environmentally-responsible and socially-conscious future.

Don’t miss the chance to learn from the experts themselves and gain valuable insights into how Novo Nordisk work to build a healthier world!

Presented by Morten Elkjær, Novo Nordisk

This session will look at global and economical situations in logistics and will discuss how AIDC technology, from simple bar code scanners to modern cobots, will help to solve some of the challenges in Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Logistics.

Presented by Daniel Dombach, Strategy Director Transportation, Logistics and Warehousing within the EMEA Strategy Team  at Zebra Technologies.

Each of the Exhibitors will have a 30 seconds speed-presentation on why the attendees should visit their Booth at the Exhibition 🙂 

Go visit the Exhibition, grab a cup of coffee and meet with a lot of interested and knowledgeable people in Atrium                               

The funding gap between healthcare expenditure and demand is a challenge for all healthcare organisations worldwide. Clinical Engineers who work in health institutions are increasingly being called-on to help identify and implement technology solutions to close this shortfall. Device connectivity, MIoT and RFID are a major focus.

NHS Lothian provides healthcare to nearly one million people in Edinburgh and the surrounding region. The Health Board is implementing a number of use cases for AIDC and RFID tracking, including: medical equipment tracking and surgical instrument management both using passive RFID, a BLE pilot and a novel approach to preventing MRI projectile incidents. This presentation will discuss these four use cases, highlight the practical challenges encountered when implementing solutions at scale and present some early outcomes of the projects.

Presented by Dr Malcolm Phillips, MIET, MIPEM, Head of Clinical Engineering, NHS Lothian.


As the first in Denmark to bring traditional opticians and hearing clinics together under one roof, 2Ø has turned everything upside down to make it as easy to get help with the eyes, as it is with the ears.
A new 100% paper less concept, combining website shop data with a setup for Product Data Display in the physical stores.
Here is a chance to listen to the man behind the idears and how the Customers experience is implemented with RFiD technology, QR codes, 3D-scanned eyeglass frames and earplugs, how data is captured, how customers product selections are analysed, and how loyalty is established with a simple customer program and a second to none service.
Presented by Rasmus Bertelsen Planck, owner of 2Ø (presentation in danish)

A Tour-de-Force on what is happening within the AIDC area – innovations and standards incl. highlights from RFID Journal Live in Orlando 2023

Before the Lunch Break the afternoons Breakout sessions will be introduced – for the attendees to be able to make the perfect choice for the afternoon.

Lunch is served for all attendees – in the centre of the Exhibition area.

Wrap-up of the day in Plenum followed by networking in Atrium with a glass of wine, beer or water sponsored by Granau IT

After the long Lunch Break where you can also visit the Exhibition, there will be Break-Out sessions in the afternoon.

Check out the various options for the afternoon here.

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