Tech Tease Workshop: Machine Learning on Tiny Devices


Small embedded devices are getting better and better in recognizing, classifying and checking objects, everything from production lines to wildlife, from assets in logistics to vehicles and people – all without the help of RFID or codes, just aided by computer vision and machine learning, and without the need for big data centers.

The workshop is organized by:


First part: 13:50-14:50          Second part: 15:20-16:20

Break for Coffee, Exhibition and Networking

IT University’s DASYA Lab will give a short intro in the field of embedded machine learning and computer vision, and show some examples – from birds in the air to fish underwater.

NVIDIA will present state-of-the-art technology and some of the most exciting showcases in this field, from airport baggage handling to production lines and traffic.

Lastly, DASYA Lab will talk about putting Machine Learning in Space – the first of the Danish Students’ CubeSat Project DISCO satellites has just been launched.

The Workshop is open for all attendees. Maybe you can contribute with your insights, but for sure you can learn a lot from participating. It will be a workshop – and we hope the attendees will be very active in the discussions.

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