Workshop: How to avoid Vender lock-in with BLE/UWB RTLS

AIDC Denmark has a workgroup with special interest in Real Time Locating Systems based upon Bluetooth or UWB.

  • Can we find Open Standards to avoid a ‘vendor lock-in’?
  • How can we mix and match products from various vendors?
  • How can we integrate with the general IT infrastructure in the company?
  • What are the benefits with BLE versus UWB?

To kick off the discussions, the Workshop will be based upon a list of presentations;

  • Members of the AIDC Denmark workgroup will outline the User Requirements for RTLS, including how IT Architects from Danish Hospitals could see RTLS mapped to the National Referential Architecture for Localization and Identification
  • The Omlox initiative is a proposed standard for locating (vendor and technology independent), and especially the common API and air-interface are of interest. We have invited Eberhard Wahl, from Omlox, to present the initiative
  • Lyngsoe Systems will offer some insights regarding open standard initiatives and multivendor ecosystems like QUUPPA and WIREPAS
  • Siemens will offer some insights regarding UWB

The Workshop is open for all attendees. Maybe you can contribute with other insights, but for sure you can learn a lot from participating. It will be a workshop – and we hope the attendees will be very active in the discussions.

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