Plenum presentations:

Welcome to the 12’th annual Conference by IT University and AIDC Denmark.

Introduction to the Main Theme for this year’s Conference, ”Impact, quality and efficiency driven by data – because time is of essence!”, and the Agenda for the day.

The world is facing huge challenges. Companies who decide to use the synergies between digitalisation and sustainability as a framework for innovation have a unique opportunity to increase their competitiveness and be among those who offer the solutions we need. In this talk, you will learn how digitalisation and insights into human behaviour can encourage sustainability. Trine Plambech uses real-life examples to illustrate the huge potential in working strategically with digitalisation and user behaviour to leverage sustainable transition in companies.

Presented by Trine Plambech, Director of Digital Sustainability at the Alexandra Institute

In this keynote, Christian Østergaard will be unveiling the captivating story of PostNord’s IoT journey and the exciting road that lies ahead!

Get ready to delve into the world of innovation and transformation, as Christian shares insights, challenges, and triumphs from one of the most dynamic journeys in the realm of IoT.

Christian Østergaard is Lead Visionary with a demonstrated history of reengineering and innovating logistics and supply chain industry.

Presented by Senior Group Strategist, former Business CIO, Head of Logistics and Program Director at PostNord

Do you wonder how does RFID technology in healthcare improve patient outcomes?

Improving the operational efficiencies of the hospital, improving patient experience and safety are some of the major investments nowadays.

Let’s talk together on how the Internet of medical Things (IomT) will affect healthcare and how RFID has the power to drive an amazing transformation in Healthcare

Presented by Thomas Duparque, Healthcare vertical Lead in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Zebra Technologies

Each of the Exhibitors will have a 30 seconds speed-presentation on why the attendees should visit their Booth at the Exhibition 🙂 

Go visit the Exhibition, grab a cup of coffee and meet with a lot of interested and knowledgeable people in Atrium                                

A Tour-de-Force on what is happening within the AIDC area – innovations and standards incl. highlights from RFID Journal Live in Las Vegas 2024.

Presented by Henrik Granau, AIDC Denmark

Join us to explore how our new developed circular and recycle pallets and crates can revolutionize sustainable transportation in the seafood industry for contribute to a more sustainable future. Be part of our journey where we cover how we leverages advanced technologies (IoT) to optimize resource utilization, reduce waste, and promote sustainability. See how our solution deliver end-to-end tracking including washing and distribution based on circular economy strategies. Aim to enhance operational efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and drive economic value.

Presented by Lars Schnell | CTO | CIRCMAR – Norway

Before the Lunch Break the afternoons Breakout sessions will be introduced – for the attendees to be able to make the perfect choice for the afternoon.

Lunch is served for all attendees – in the centre of the Exhibition area. Lunch sponsored by ….

AIDC use cases

Healthcare RFID & IoT

This presentation is about how one of the technically most advanced railway measurement systems in the world is conquering the world… and how it gets so much better with RFID.

Also, you will follow others in the audience on a spectacular journey to places never ever seen before.

Presented by Björn Liszka, CEO at Advanced Measurement Technologies AB

Low-cost Flex ICs underpin scalable circular solutions, bringing item-level intelligence, driving operational efficiency and inspiring new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.  

Presented by Pragmatic Semiconductor Ltd.

Let the books talk!

Connecting physical books with e-books with an added personalization for kids ….

Presented by Kasper E. Lyhne, Founder of TUK

RTLS without any Infrastructure Investments …

by the use of Apple’s Indoor Mapping and more ….

Presented by Dan Siegal, NavvSystems (via video link)

The Region of Southern Denmark is constructing a new University Hospital in Odense, “the new OUH”. The hospital is one among other “Super Hospitals” in Denmark with need for RTLS. In contrast to the other “Super Hospitals”, “the new OUH” is choosing to acquire Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, rather than the more hospital-known RFID technology. The presentation includes why the choice has fallen on BLE, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the solution.

Presented by Sara Beck Larsen, Project Manager at Odense University Hospital, Region of Southern Denmark

Sykehuspartner HF is establishing an ICT-service for environmental monitoring in collaboration with the hospital-trusts in the region. The presentation will explain the background for the project, objectives and expected benefits, and current status for the ongoing implementation. Keywords: temperaturemonitoring, dashboards, alerting, cloud, machine-learning, GS1, EPCIS 2.0.

Presented by representatives for Sykehuspartner HF.

14:50 Networking, Exhibition and Coffee in Atrium

AIDC use cases

Healthcare RFID & IoT

The Finnish wholesaler ProMart supplies construction equipment and tools for the construction and shipbuilding industries. Its portfolio includes more than 20,000 products.

The company offers these online, via an app and, more recently, in unmanned self-service stores. These increase customer satisfaction, provide theft protection, automate replenishment management, and reduce costs.

presented by ProMart and Turck Vilant. 

Discover how the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) have transformed their vehicle maintenance process using a seamless blend of passive and active tracking technology, all managed through a user-friendly application. This innovation allows for quicker vehicle deployment back into the field, enhancing operational efficiency.

Learn all about the journey of how this project was implemented and uncover the unexpected benefits that emerged along the way, making it one of the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub’s most successful initiatives to date.

Presented by Philipp Stelzer, CSO, Co-Founder FORMATION GmbH

Presented by Bent Bilstrup, Technology Roadmapping Advisor, Lakeside

16:25 Wrap-up in Plenum

16:40 Network reception in Atrium sponsored by CISPER

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