About the RFID & IoT in the Nordics 2022 Conference

• How do first mover companies gain benefits from Automatic Identification and Data Capture?
• How can RFID help retail compete with global web shops?
• How can we reduce Food Waste through better Food Traceability?
• How can AIDC technologies help in sustainability and cirqular economy?

Get a chance to meet visionary first mover companies and experts within the fields of RFID,  Smart Identification and IoT – and get hands-on knowledge on how to utilize these technologies in your own products, services and businesses.

Learn what you can achieve with Automatic Identification and Data Capture, and get all the input you need to get started!

Foremost it is a networking opportunity; You will meet key people from companies using RFID for production, logistics, retail, asset management as well as from RFID Manufacturers and Solution Providers.

If you haven’t attended before, you can get an understanding by browsing the 2019 Conference Brochure:     

Time: 1. June 2022 08:30 – 17:15

Place: IT University, Copenhagen

Registration: is now open here

Contact: kontakt@AIDCDK.org

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