Plenum Presentations at RFID & IoT in the Nordics 2022

Welcome and introduction to the 10’th annual Conference by IT University and AIDC Denmark

Henrik Granau, the chairman of AIDC Denmark, will attend the worlds largest RFID Event in Las Vegas may 17-19.

Henrik will give his update on what is trending in technology and applications

With the dramatic rise in e-commerce sales sparking a huge growth in supply chain logistics; RFID and location solutions is playing a strategic role in the improvement of supply chain visibility.

We are delighted to announce the keynote speaker for RFID & IOT fair will be Mark Jolley (Zebra Technologies EMEA Solution Sales Director for Manufacturing, T&L and Retail).

Mark will be talking about how to gain benefits and improve inventory accuracy, traceability, productivity, processes and supply chain efficiencies in production, logistics and retail companies large and small. Join Mark for an insightful discussion of RFID and big data, sensors, robots and much more.

The sustainability agenda is in constant motion, and the urgency to take action is widely acknowledged. Having a solid evidence-base and relevant data are key to creating credible sustainability strategies and impact.




Presented by Henrik Stener Pedersen, Market director, Strategic Sustainability Consulting at Rambøll Management Consulting

Brand new initiative by the Board of AIDC Denmark.

Introducing and explaining the AIDC Denmark Maturity Model.

Demonstrating how an organization can score themselves and get guidance for improvement.

Presented by Gert Aagaard, Board member at AIDC Denmark

Each of the Exhibitors will have a 30 seconds speed-presentation on why the attendees should visit their Booth at the Exhibition 🙂 

Go visit the Exhibition, grab a cup of coffee and meet with a lot of interested and knowledgeable people in Atrium                               

After 4 years implementing AIDC technologies at the New University Hospital in Aarhus, Johnny Olsson moved on to the New University Hospital in Aalborg, where he now uses his experiences to establish a new hospital with identification and localization technologies to support the clinical staff, automation and logistics of the hospital. What are the lessons learned and what are important, when you have the opportunity to create hospital#2.

Johnny Olsson is an independent consultant, holds a Master in Computer Engineering and  a Diploma in Business and Organization, and has worked with IT for hospitals for more than 20 years.

Read about the hospital cases here: and

Learn how Halden Kommune, Norway, has utilized sensor fusion by combining UHF RFID, GPS, AI based image recognition to reduce costs, gather data, improve services to the public and make fraud difficult. Another takeaway for Halden Kommune has been the incredible reliability and lower cost of UHF compared to the more widespread LF technology being used in waste management.

Presented by Roberth Gundersen Johansen, Halden Kommune.

Before the Lunch Break the afternoons Breakout sessions will be introduced – for the attendees to be able to make the perfect choice for the afternoon.

Wrap-up of the day in Plenum followed by networking in Atrium with a glass of wine, beer or water sponsored by Granau IT

After the long Lunch Break where you can also visit the Exhibition, there will be Break-Out sessions in the afternoon.

Check out the various options for the afternoon here.

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